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Woodford County – Emergency Management

About Us


WCEMA is a division of the Woodford County Fiscal Court. Funding for the program comes from the Fiscal Court as well as the cities of Midway and Versailles, allowing a unified program without duplication of efforts within the county. The Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM) also provides funding assistance by way of the Emergency Management Program Grant (EMPG) to further the program.


We are primarily directed by Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) Chapter 39 as well as local ordinance. A variety of other mandates from the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency regarding training, hazard mitigation practice, and other topics set the course for how WCEMA operates.


It is the mission of Woodford County Emergency Management to provide the highest level of emergency services to its residents and visitors by identifying hazards and vulnerabilities within the county and cities and by mitigating the effects of, preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies and disasters whether natural or manmade. Woodford County Emergency Management prides itself in providing ongoing trainign in emergency preparedness to its staff and to its residents understanding that an educated and trained public is paramount in lessening the effects a disaster may have on the community.


WCEMA is lead by a Director appointed by the Woodford County Judge/Executive, and we are proud to have one of the few full-time positions in Kentucky. The Director is responsible for overall operations of the division. Two part-time Deputy Directors assist the Director, each has specific roles and responsibilties for daily operations and during emergencies. Several trained volunteers assist WCEMA at different times of the year and with special projects.

Keith Slugantz

Deputy Director
Drew Chandler

Deputy Director
Wade Johnson

Keith found an interest in emergency management after himself being involved in a hazard mitigation project with the City of Versailles in 1997. He has been the Director since 1998 and worked to make the division one of the top programs in Kentucky. Keith became the full-time Director following his retirement from the Lexington Fire Department in 2005. Keith frequently gives preparedness-oriented talks to different community organizations and serves on the Woodford County Salvation Army Board of Directors.

Drew began his time with WCEMA as a volunteer in December 2002 after having spent time with a fire/EMS agency in West Virginia. A short time later he experienced his first major disaster with the February 2003 ice storm. He was appointed to the position of Deputy Director later in 2003. In addition to being an information technology professional, Drew works on grants and hazard mitigation projects. He is employed by the Kentucky Department for Public Health's Preparedness Branch and serves on the Woodford County Board of Health.

Wade began serving the people of Woodford County in 1990 at the Road Department where he experienced several disasters including wind and ice storms as well as flooding. In 1998, Wade moved to the Solid Waste and Recycling Department where he continued to be involved with disasters from the disposal and recovery part of the process. Wanting to become more engaged, Wade opted to volunteer for WCEMA in 2005 and was appointed to Deputy Director in 2007. He works on special projects and is an instructor for the C.E.R.T. organization.